CyberView CS ChangeLog

Version 1.3d

1. Fixed USB 3.0 compactible issue.

Version 1.3d

1. CD & Web Driver update to 1.3d.
2. Modify photo's exposure setting and adjustment for the other led light bar.

Version 1.3b

1. Disable debug mode.
2. Added "Create subfolder by date" option for setup dialog.
3. Real-time save setting data after each capture.
4. Changed file name rule for capturing images if the file name had already existed. ex: Image001_1.jpg, Image001_2.jpg
5. Fixed black mask bug..

Version 1.3a

1. Fixed memory bug for image path.

Version 1.2f

1. Fixed bug the image for Memor-ease & Memor-ease PLUS (MemoScan) doesn't correct.
2. Added the checking CPU function during the installation process (PowerPC processer doesn't support).
3. Added the calibration and capture raw data information for debug. (If user has any problem, they can send this data to analyze).
The location for calibration raw data
/Library/Image Capure/TWAIN Data Sources/TWDataSource/Calibration/
The location for Capture raw data
/Library/Image Capure/TWAIN Data Sources/TWDataSource/Capture/

Version 1.2e

Support List (Base on Intel CPU Machine)
1.Tiger 10.4
2.Leopard 10.5
3.Snow Leopard 10.6