CyberView CS ChangeLog

For CMOS Series: CS500 / CS500IR / ImageBox / ImageBoxIR

Version 1.4

1. Modified InstallShield procedure to avoid OV driver installing failed in Windows x64 OS (included Win8).

2. Modified Dmin position for positive film.

Version 1.3d

1. CD & Web Driver update to 1.3d.
2. Modify photo's exposure setting and adjustment for the other led light bar.

Version 1.3c

1. Fixed bug that scan key is unavailable on device which be changed from Memor-Ease Plus to Memor-Ease.
2. Modified the setting behavior: when click "Cancel" button on the setting dialog window, all settings will back to last state.

Version 1.3b

1. Added "Create subfolder by date" option for setup dialog.
2. Added a warming message when capture a photo image with a film holder in the ImageBox unit.
3. Changed file name rule for capturing images if the file name had already existed. ex: Image001_1.jpg, Image001_2.jpg.
4. Fixed bug the "Magic Touch" scan may be caused disconnection with PC.
5. Fixed bug the "Photo Auto Crop" may be cropped more with x64 OS.
6. Fixed memory bug for image path.
7. Modified the twain protocol support for saving files and native mode.
8. Fixed bug the CyberView CS has no response when the user removed the USB cable in the capturing image process.

Version 1.3a

1. CD & Web Driver update to 1.3a.
2. Fixed bug that "Magic Touch scan" may cause disconnection with PC.
3. Fixed bug that "Photo Auto Crop" may crop more with x64 OS.
4. Fixed memory bug for image path (PC & MAC).

Version 1.3

1. Fixed bug the backlight can't be lighted on the parts of the Memor-ease in the U.S that were modified from ME-PLUS.
2. Fixed bug the location of the message box was not in the center when USB was safely removed.
3. Fixed bug the image captured from "Auto Crop" was not correct on Vista 64bit OS.
4. Fixed bug the Exit icon was not correct on the Demo function.
5. Fixed bug the CS fonts were blur on Vista OS.

Version 1.2f

1. Fixed bug the shortcut of CyberView CS can not be run on 64bit OS.

Version 1.2e

1. Integrated "Memor-ease, Memorease PLUS (MemoScan), ImageBox, ImageBox PLUS" 4 models drivers into the one driver.
2. Removed demo function from CyberView CS.
3. Added setting function and icon on CyberView CS.
4. Adjusted "Capture, Calibration, Exit, Auto Crop, Magic Touch, Image adjustment after each capture" location on CyberView CS.
5. Added "Always open this dialog, View the image folder after exit" on CyberView CS Loader Dialog.
6. Created a new folder with the current date for scanned images and the file name reached maximum will count from image0000.jpg.